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Gamechangers is an award-winning leadership simulation about strategy execution in large organisations. The game focuses on how to engage stakeholders in carrying out a strategic initiative throughout the organisation.


In an ever more complex world, large organisations rely on their ability to react or proactively change through large scale strategic initiatives, or as they are sometimes called, Must Win Battles. These could be initiatives such as implementing LEAN, changing production methods or finding new ways to engage customers. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives will, regardless of how great they look on paper, fail due to poor execution or a lack of stakeholder buy-in. Studies show that strategic initiatives most often fail, because the people who run them have not prioritised the softer side of management such as timely involvement the necessary stakeholders.


Gamechangers focuses on the softer side managing large strategy initiatives. It lets the participants drive a large scale strategic initiative, and it shows how a large part of the initiative's success depends on their ability to build coalitions and alignment. It zooms in on the crucial start-up phase, where stakeholder must come together and align expectations, and on the anchoring phase where they need to keep momentum and make the change part of the new reality of the organisation. Part of this is finding out what is already happening in the organisation, and adjust to, build on, ignore or terminate other initiatives. Also, they need to show results as they go along. In order to push through, they must be firm, but they also need to show flexibility in order to secure the right buy-in from key stakeholders.


The participants are given the responsibility of implementing a strategic change in a fictional organisation. They must engage colleagues with different motives and KPIs to work in the interest of the strategy. Their abilities to create results and support are measured throughout the game.

The first part of the game focuses on building and utilising networks within the organisation by communicating and engaging important stakeholders. The second part focuses on realising the benefits of the initiative, maintaining momentum, and integrating the initiative into the systems and daily life of the organisation.


As a certified facilitator you have access to a collection of extra materials for use in your Gamechangers® sessions. This includes a movie and side exercises.

Certified users can download material


Gamechangers is based on well established theories and models on negotiation, conflict resolution, influence styles and change leadership incl. theories by Richard Shell, Thomas-Kilmann, John Kotter and Stephen Bungay.

  • When starting up or anchoring strategic initiatives.
  • As part of a customised training for leaders.
  • As part of an overall programme for leadership development.
  • As customised training for departments who are responsible for a strategic initiative, such as procurement, sustainability, change, and LEAN.
  • A better understanding of the dynamics and roadblocks of strategy execution and how to address these.
  • Increased reflection on personal leadership styles and how to become better at handling conflicts, negotiations, and leading of strategic changes in complex organisations.
  • Is played in groups of 3 to 6 persons.
  • Can be played in a half or a full day or as part of a longer training programme.
  • Can be facilitated by Workz or by your own employees who have been certified by Workz.
  • Is available in English.
  • Gamechangers has been honoured with the International Serious Play Award. The award is given by the Serious Games Association.

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