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Playmakers® is a simulation that challenges the participant ability to handle critical aspects of team and project leadership. A job that goes beyond planning and budgeting.

Playmakers® focuses on leadership rather than management, and it urges you to think: How will my choices as a leader affect team morale, performance and stakeholder engagement throughout the game? The nature of the game allows participants to approach difficult leadership tasks in a safe forum and learn with and from each other.


When leading teams and projects, expectations and scope often change over time, and many different stakeholders are involved. Often, steering committees define and redefine goals and visions while other stakeholders either internal or external - have agendas that might influence the team or project.

Playmakers® trains participants in the task of leading people: engaging team members, steering committees, and others that might influence the team or task at hand. The simulation focuses on leading individuals as well as groups on motivation and conflict management as well as communication and negotiation.


Playmakers® is based upon a concrete case that defines the setting. During the three phases of the simulation, participants are challenged to lead a concrete project that changes character as they progress. Unforeseen difficulties arise, and goals and visions are reformulated.

The participants must relate to the long-term goals of the project as well as the crises that will inevitably arise. The participants work in teams to ensure knowledge sharing and joint learning. The simulation supports participants in the ability to analyze, recognize and handle organizational, group-based, and individual dilemmas within team and project leadership.


As a certified facilitator you have access to a collection of extra materials for use in your Playmakers® sessions. This includes a movie and side exercises.

Certified users can download material


Bridgebuilders® is inspired by recognized theories on management, virtual teams, and cultural traits, including Daniel Goleman, Stephen Bungay, Erin Meyers and Geert Hofstede.


Playmakers® is used by numerous organizations including Danfoss, ISS, Novo Nordisk and on various master programmes.

"Playmakers® gives a fantastic insight into the many different aspects that demand consideration in a big company both on a political and a personal level - to ensure optimal performance. The simulation offered us a great platform for common understanding about what good project management is to us the way we do it." S-ren Skafe Overgaard, CEO, e-Types

  • As a integrated part of talent and leadership academies and training programmes.
  • As training for specific teams that would like to be better at team collaboration, project leadership and stakeholder management.
  • As a training tool for facilitating discussions on organisational development, project management, leadership understanding or cross-organisational collaboration.
  • Played in groups of 3 to 6 persons.
  • Can be played in a half or a full day or as part of a longer training programme.
  • Can be facilitated by Workz or by your own employees who have been certified by Workz.
  • Playmakers® is available in English and Danish.

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